Skinny Dipping – Why?

CHEMICALS. Oh, how our bodies do not do well being exposed to chemicals. Now, I am not a doctor nor a scientist, so I am not making any deductions, claims or recommendations here. I am a person who took a good look at my life and thought about what I was exposing myself to. And out of the cancer box was a necessity born.

One November day it became clearly evident to me that what I was exposing myself to was not 'normal' for me and I had to change that. My existence seemed laden with chemicals from what I ate, drank, breathed...essentially everything I put in and ON my body. I became aware pretty quickly that I wanted to control all aspects of what my body was exposed to and I started researching how to make soap, among other things.

My biggest assumption was that the things I had been using and consuming my entire life were safe. Clearly, I found, not as 'safe' as I had thought. Being diagnosed with cancer put a new urgency on what I am exposing myself to and in that process I decided a cleaner natural way of life is what I needed.

I could go on about the benefits of the ingredients that can be used in products and I probably will in future Blogs. This is my intro to my Natural and Clean life - Welcome to Skinny Dipping.

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